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  • Can more than one person take the course together under one registration?

    This course was designed for individual participation; however, up to four people can take the course and view the content together. We ask that each participant complete all required forms for the course. Each form has the capability to record the information for up to four persons.

  • How much time should I wait before running to the next base?

    There is no standard time for completing each base. Our goal is that you develop the habits taught in the seminar. Therefore, we encourage everyone to re-run the bases every 3 years.

  • Why should I run the bases?

    The bases at Oak Ridge are our life development process. In each seminar we teach the basic habits needed by every believer in order to become a fully devoted follower of Christ.

  • What are my next steps?

    The bases are designed to build spiritual habits into the live of a believer. Oak Ridge uses the baseball diamond to illustrate the progression of the habits. Taking the participant from membership to maturity and from ministry to mission.

Family Ministry Courses

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